Why Do SKY Make It So Difficult

    I phoned up to get my name on the sky account, at the min it has my Ex on there but its installed at my address and the payment comes out of my account.

    I did not know the password so could not change the name, if i wanted to do this i would have to write in.

    So i then asked them to put me through to sales, within 5mins I got Sky HD for £49 at the same address payment coming out of the same account!

    Why do companies do things the hard way. I could have given them any info on my account and address details they wanted to do just a simple name change.

    Anyway rant over - i now have Sky HD and probably got a better deal than if i tried to upgrade as an existing customer.


    Because they are a large company that has the monopoly on such things and they just don't care:x

    Data protection act...... I agree it is ridiculous. I once had a letter from a debt collection agency in my name.... very long story, but because I couldn't prove I was who they sent the letter to because it related to something I took out for my brother in law many years before, and I didn't know the password he chose, they wouldn't let me pay the debt! (Was only £30 or so, so easier to settle it and clear it from my name in the circumstances). The world has gone mad!

    Well done you for getting there in the end!
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