Why do some people keep the dead body in a house for a few days after death?

Posted 1st May 2012
I would never choose to do this. If you would/have please tell me your reasons for doing so thanks.
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i usually keep the body just until all benefits have been claimed or the smell gets too bad
You have to wait for high tide before dumping it.
And the award for most random question of the day goes to!!
omg Why would you do this?? visit them in the morge yes but at home no way
I know if a young child dies in hospital the parents can bring them home for abit I got told of this in my training and Yes I wouldnt do it myself but it gives you a chance to spend some precouis moments with your child to grieve in your own surroundings x
I have stayed at a house where the body was kept until the funeral. I didn't think it was strange at all, it was someone we loved and it gave us all a chance to say our goodbyes privately and respectfully.


That is so tragic
Do you mean bring them home for the wake? Or have them embalmed at the house for the wake?

Or just leave them in the chair rotting for a few days before letting on?

After clicking that Wiki link below, it leads to believe this is more of a Irish custom than UK wide... Is this true you lot? To me, a wake is just a part of the death thing, I have been to quite a few. I know my cousin's Scottish BF was very uncomfortable at my uncle's wake last year, my understanding is they don't generally do this in Scotland, so I'll assume the English and Welsh are the same?

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some cultures and religion requires rigmarol procedures to help lead the dead to the right gate of heaven (in case they get lost) so this is best done at home where the body is easily accessible for such training with direction.

i would freak out if i knew there was a dead body in the dining room and would never be able to sleep whilst it is there in case it gets up in the middle of the night and start walking about the house for one last time.
I'd be worried my greedy cat would have a nibble. I once left a chicken out by mistake. Next morning there were bones all over the kitchen.
2 make sure they are dead....? lol...
i think it is egypt that introduced a new law last week to allow a man to have sex with the corpse of his dead wife up to 7 days after her death so in this instance keeping the dead body at home would be more prefereable to the morgue.

It's for upto six hours actually, and a taste of things to come in this … It's for upto six hours actually, and a taste of things to come in this country once a green flag is hoisted over downing street in the probable not too distant future. I predict the first muslim PM will be Lord Akhmed or Ali Dizai.

strange as it may be but some people actually get a kick out of having sex with corpses which is why there ia a law created to criminalise it in the UK.
I did see a programme about a little girl who's body hasn't decomposed. She just looks like she is asleep. Think she was Italian. Don't think she had been embalmed and she was proclaimed as a miracle of sorts. She is in a glass coffin so can be viewed all of the time.

Wish I could remember more about it.
WARNING PICTURE OF DECEASED IN LINK en.wikipedia.org/wik…rdo. Think this is her and she was embalmed.

Off topic sorry, but I remember thinking that if she were my little girl and she just looked like she was sleeping, would it be a comfort to be able to go and see her like that for ages after she died or would it be better to have a burial or cremation and go through the usual grieving process?
Most gypsy wakes can go for 3 to 7 days, i'm sure they are embalmed though cos imagine the smell otherwise?
Not sure whether op is referring to people not telling anyone and keeping th body in house or the body returning to the house after everything has been done, i would imagaine the first would be shock, not wanting to believe, not wanting to let go, lots of reasons, as for the latter i would imagine it is for them to say their goodbyes, keeping them close for the last time before the final goodbyes, i suppose the only ones that can answer are those that have been there and done it
I think it is quite an old custom to have the body in the house or maybe associated with certain cultures or religions.

Years back I heard my father talking about families having the body in the house to allow friends and relatives to pay their last respects. These days it is normally kept at the undertakers.

I also remember a friend who was a seventh day adventist who talked of having the body of her mother at home. She said it was customary for a close relative to wash the body carefully after the person had passed. Obviously part of the death ritual for her.
what happened to JTwoToes's granny, have I missed something?
It's pretty customary in Ireland.

Normally have the body in the house and close friends and family come and say their good byes. People sit with the body and say the rosary.

Both my grandparents were kept in the house the days before the funeral, also in Ireland the burial normally takes place within 3 days.

It's just a way for those to say their last goodbyes by actually physically seeing the person. I didn't find it that awkward as I knew they were now in a better place so was happy to see them not suffering anymore, both had been poorly for many years and it was actually quite sad to see them in the nursing home before they passed because they would either would not recognize you, or in my grannies case she couldn't communicate due to a stroke so you just kinda sat there thinking can she process anything I'm saying

In b4 tl;dr cool story bro Numptyj posting a very rare legitimate post

P.s my post makes it sound like they died together, they didn't, was 2 separate events just to clear that up.

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It's so strange seeing a life less person laying there.
Such a strange feeling inside.

It's so strange seeing a life less person laying there.Such a strange … It's so strange seeing a life less person laying there.Such a strange feeling inside.

Run before the police turn up

Run before the police turn up

i didn't do it. Haha :P

You cannot argue with mathematics.

I've got an imaginary number of friends to do that with.
if they died away from home in hospital for example and had been asking to go home but didn't get the chance, some people might feel the need to "bring them home" one last time especially if it's a burial instead of cremation

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