why do the job centre do this?

    I have found a job through their website and to find out how to apply you have to ring the jobseeker direct helpline which isnt a problem.

    however, these calls do cost money and when i phoned today all i was told was that i could apply online and the details they gave me were

    That was it, so you have to go through the hassle of phoning them up, going through the call, give them all your details, listen to someone telling you what hours the helpline is open and then they give you the details.

    Why the hell can they not just put the details up on the job centre website????



    because they dont want competitors to know they hiring..


    because it keeps them in a job, and saves them being called dole scroungers

    So they can sanction your behind if you don't follow it up :thumbsup:

    I applied online and they never got back to me so I had to do it over the phone too... -.-

    its a choice of the employer if they want the info shown on advert or not. when you phone they log on your record you have asked for the info so the jobcentre can give them figures of interest etc

    They are Job prevention company that the tax payers provide with no experience, no sense and no brains. Paid a mundane salary and think everyone else is the same.

    hope you mean the big bosses not the staff as they are just doing their jobs same as i did when i worked there

    Original Poster

    it just angers me something terrible!


    eww this thread is full of poor people.

    at least it didn't smell until you arrived

    i hate it when u see a job and u ring and they say u cant apply its new deal u have to be on benifits for 6mths or more to apply for that one !!! wtf so they would rather u be on dole for 6mths then apply,
    well that was the case a couple of yrs ago when i was looking for a job i wasnt on any benifits at all it made me feel like i was in the wrong, thankgod i dont have any dealings with the place our local jobcentre is horrible
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