Why do we buy?

I'm curious.. most of our purchases are not necessary anyway, but what creates that 'I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-THIS-ITEM' feeling?

Whenever I go out and see something I like I always think about how HAPPY this thing will make me if I get it, regardless of the countless same stuff I have at home.

Can anyone offer a theory?


i buy because i can afford to , if i save any money then i run the risk of "ten chins gord " giving it to the newly arrived non- nationals so i spend it as quick as i earn it


Well anyone who goes out and buys stuff they dont need because they think it will make them happy is probably very dissatisfied with their life (possible even verging on depression) and feels they need to buy things to cheer themselves up and make themselves "happy".

If they think buying things will make them happy is just a false dream, and the only way they are going to make themselves happy is to look at their lives and see what is wrong with it.

It may be the person is fed up with their job, or their partner, or where they live, or how they look (overweight, too thin or whatever) or perhaps more than one of these things.

Buying a new pair of shoes, or a new handbag, or a new computer game (or whatever) is not going to alter the fact that deep down the person is probably unhappy.

I remember seeing a "comic relief" a few years ago, and a segment came from Africa. It showed a group of African children playing together, and they had big beaming smiles on their face, with their bright white teeth glowing between their lips.

They did not worry that their mobile phone was out of date, or that they could not get a signal on their mobile phone (probably no mobile phones available where they live), they did worry that they did not have the latest fashions, or the latest games machine, nobody was trying to sell them crack or cocaine, they were not getting drunk in a local park and then throwing up afterwards.

They were happy because their life was simple and they were making the most of what they had got. Unfortunately we in the "west" have plenty of money and plenty of things to buy, but we have lost the ability to be happy over simple things.

As Oscar wilde once said "People nowadays know the price of everything but the value of nothing" (he did not says that exactly but near enough).

:oops: I think you probably a Shopaholic ... and if you shop for a bargain it is only so you save money to buy more stuff...

I buy because I can afford to.......plus I absolutely love shopping......(considering a career in fashion now)

My money, do what I like, don't exist in a world of credit except my mortgage

My money, do what I like .............................. HERE HERE !

Original Poster

Hey, I didn't say I bought the items! Living a student life now, money very tight and buying essentials only (food mostly).

Maybe its part of that we want what we can't have attitude

Why are you posting this as a deal, it is obviously not! Attention seeking, which is why you have to go buy, buy, buy! Take it to the forums.

small wang probably

needing this for the answer to a competition are you buy any chance?
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