Why do we feel the need to moan?

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Found 5th Feb 2007
What is it around these parts lately?

Theres loads of arguing, and people just generally moaning.
My deal got cold voted, and yep, i did have a small moan, but theres no need to go on and on about it, people do it just to upset people, and it obviously does as theres whole threads about it.....

Just looked at the la redoute thread, theres people moaning about there orders, i ordered, and i agree it takes ages and ages to come, but can we all remember there coming from france please?
My order came to £3.45 after the discount, and i have to say im chuffed, the 2 pairs of trousers i ordered for my son (not in the sale i must add, £5 each, well cheap!) are lovely, and i think good quality for the amount there charging.
The towels arent THE BEST quality, but really, who cares, dont you have dogs you could use them for, or even your car, theyll always be a use for them - for my £3.45 im chuffed - i think i got a good bargain deal, and all delivered to my home.

I felt the need to post this, cos i dont really post anymore, as all i seem to see if people whinging, or bickering, and its making me less inclined to post.

I also just want to add, can we please stop being negative towards some of the deals posted, afterall, someones took the time to post that, in the hope theyll save someone else money.


I find most of the threads to be incredibly helpful and positive. There are some moaning threads but I think that's to establish the UK part of HotUKDeals hehe. The best way to counter any moaning is to be positive and helpful is what I think...trying to make a moaner happy never works

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trying to make a moaner happy never works

Haha, i think i shall now be saying that for many years to come, well made me laugh :giggle:


its either me joining

Oh soo its your fault then JDeal .... i think we're going to have to ban this trouble maker :giggle:

I agree Anna, there are some bad vibes on HUKD lately. Not sure why, they'll pass in time, I think.

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Glad to see my post has been so well recieved, thought id be logged down as one of the moaners :giggle:

I just miss some of the banter that used to go on on here :giggle:

Seems some people just go out of there way to wind people up, and post things that they know will get a reaction - if youve bought something in massive quantitys and sell it on ebay, why post, you know youll get a bad reception, could also say, us regular members should just ignore them - remember its the "rise" that there after....

Because that's life...there are the moaners..just look on other forums, in the workplace, in the pub or even at football/rugby matches....some just seem to live life to complain....so why should HUKD be any different.

I just ignore it and treat HUKD for what it is...a place where I can save money on my purchases and offer advice when I have something useful to say....anything else is a bonus...particularly the help offered by other members when members raise a problem they may be experiencing.

So long may it continue...just turn a blind eye to the moans and groans( which I must say are a small minority) and concentrate on what's good about the site.

We are British, and by god we love a good moan.

Moaning's as British as the cuppa.

The last forum I was on fell into arguments and the whole thing fell to pieces which was a real shame. Lots of members left and the site owner started to pursue a social life. I still go back to checkup on it but it's just the hardcore members left now.

Anyone who joins quickly disappears because of the madness.

Moaning threads actually helped ppl to learn whether this site is worth to shop with, it's just too much moaning threads here :P

I thread moaning about moaning... oh the irony :P

As long as there is a validity to the moan, i don't mind. its when people have a moan just for the sake of it i turn off.

People moaning about rep and temp etc is annoying, sure. But as winx2003 mentioned, isn't moaning about shops etc a good thing. I know if I was thinking about buying something seeing other peoples experiences with the place would help me out, positive or negative.

Bring on the moaning if it's deserved I say
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