Why does broadband marketing measure TV/movie download speeds?

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Found 16th Aug 2007
Quite often these days you see marketing blurb from broadband providers, stating that with their super-fast X Mb speed you can download a music track in 10 seconds, a tv show in 1 minute, a movie in 5 minutes etc...

Now I understand that this is to help people make sense of what the speeds mean, but actually would people who need that explanation be able to download tv shows and movies anyway? Is there even anywhere in the UK you can legally download TV and movies?? MP3s I can understand (with iTunes etc), but where are all these people making TV/movie downloading so common that it becomes a generally accepted measurement of speed?

Not to mention that if you habitually Bittorrented movies, you'd likely get your account throttled anyway...



]BT Vision download store you can (at ridicolous cost) full movies legally (and to keep). C4, The BBC, Sky all downloadable content and I'm sure many others do.

Those downloads are more expensive than the DVD's lol

No wonder people pirate

Don't forget there are places to legally download TV Shows, such as Sky Anytime and 4OD...

Then there are the companies where you purchase DVDs online, but get to download the movie before it arrives so you can watch it if you like.

Music, easily done from loads of online stores such as Audiojelly and HMV.

You can get a US \0itunes account so you can download TV stuff - even things like Lost before it's broadcast here :-) Just buy a $ itunes voucher off ebay (eg $50 worth for 22 pounds I see atm), goto itunes, make sure you're logged off, redeem, create new account. You don't need to use a credit card to prove your location this way, so they have no idea where you are and you can register any country you like.

Works out a whole lot cheaper too, because the US prices are so much less. That voucher above will buy you 50 tracks @ $1 each, which would cost 40 quid if you bought in the UK store - almost half the price.
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