why does sky need to be connected to a BT point?

Found 6th Jun 2008
the installer said it needs to be connected to a phone point or u have to pay £25 extra to not connect it

after that day my internet has dropped to 1mb ish and was really slow? so ive just pulled it out sky works fine and now my net runs at 5mb again!

will sky contact me lol and say why its not connected? because in thier t&c's it states must be connected to a phone line for 12 months

any advice would be helpfull tee hee!
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If it's a normal Sky box I don't think they care.

But if you have multiroom they'd probably be more than bothered as they want to make sure both boxes are located at the same location and you haven't given one to a family member. Multiroom subscription being far cheaper than a full subscription of course.

On that note I haven't plugged my newly installed Sky+ into the socket since the day of installation and I've not heard a peep out of them.
I believe its to allow payment for films etc, cos at one point people were using tricks with 9 volt batteries to get free films or something. Could be wrong though as don't have Sky myself.
They don't need a BT line...

It updates your box and that's how you order films etc...

Mine hasn't been connected in 8 years...
It needs to be connected so that you can order box office etc. if you have multiroom - sky insist that both boxes are connected so that they can test and make sure that both boxes are in your house and you havn't let a friend 'borrow' the second box on a cheap subscription.
Regarding your net speed - was there a broadband filter on the socket that the sky box was connected to? - i'd guess that there wasn't! - connect a filter first then the sky box shouldn't interfere with your broadband! - To gain a possible broadband speed increase, google the phrase 'ringer wire'!

thanks for pointers will try that later jayhab taa!!
i think it dials up every so often to check its at the property it should be. i know people who have been charged double on their bills cos the box couldn't contact sky.

if it's slowing your net down then plug it in when pc is switched off
I would leave it out and if they phone take on daft... I don't think they will though.. It would be different if you had multi room.. I haven't had my connected to the phone line for years..
just a thought:

It IS plugged into the phone outlet via a Broadband Filter, isn't it?

If it isn't that could well be why your broadband is slow.
ours was unplugged for a while, we then received a letter telling us to reconnect it and call them to talk through some settings or they would disconnect. We have multi-room.
dont connect it, wait till u get a letter from them saying they notice u dont have them connected, then just plug a telephone line extension in and do a call back (instructions with the letter they send) then they dont bother u for 6 months or longer. thats all i do. hope this helps

I recently has a sky + upgrade and it came with a new box. The engineer needs a phone line (apparently) to check that everything is working and send a signal down the line to check. We dont have a phone line in our lounge so we had to run an extention wire from the kitchen.

The engineer told me that they have to check the line so that we can use all the wonderful options that cost money over the phone line like films, games, voting on programmes etc. but if we have no intention of using them to lose the phone line.

He only asked that we did it after he had gone so he 'didnt see it'.

I assume these pay features somehow subsidise the box and are an income strean for them so they 'must' be conntected from a contract point of view with sky, but it has been 18 months and no issues with sky or contact from them.

I wouldnt worry if you do not intend to use pay per view.

mine hasnt been plugged in for years - so shouldnt be an issue
I should probably have been a bit more specific with the ringer wire thing! - here's the link to what you need to know;
about 3/4 of the way down the page under the heading "

[CENTER]What’s all this about the ring wire removal then?"[/CENTER]
I unplugged mine about three years ago and they rang me and said I was in breach of contract, (see small print) I told them that it was disconnecting my internet and they said that once that was sorted I was to plug it back in.........it didnt get sorted and last year got sky plus and still dont have a phone connected. Just have an excuse ready if they call.
When I got my first Sky digibox, the cost of the box was subsidised by Sky selling data about your viewing habits. The box collected the data and phoned it back. It was a requirement of the Sky contract that the box be connected to a working telephone line during the first year of the contract. Once that year was up I unplugged the phone line and never had any problems in the next 9 years!
What if you don't have a landline, you can't get Sky? That's silly, sorry you can't watch TV cos you don't have a phone :thinking:
if you don't have a phone line - Sky charge a £25 (or thereabouts) one off fee.
Basically as everyone has said, the sky dish can only recieve information. The telephone line is used to send data. I think your viewing card allows upto £15 to be spent on it before it needs to phone home.
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