Why does the back and forward buttons not work on email client thunderbird? also junk mail filter not working properly.

    On windows outlook when i opened a message i could go to the previous or next message by clicking on up down but on thunderbird it isnt working any ideas?
    Also when I am getting junk mail, thunderbird recognises it as junk but still puts it in my inbox and not the junk mail inbox like I have told it do in the option for me email account.



    Forward and Back have been redesigned to work more like a browser, basically moving through what you have already viewed. Personally, I see this as pretty useless. Replace them with the Next and Previous buttons from the Toolbar Customize menu or the Next! and Previous! buttons from the ]Buttons! extension.


    what annoys me about TB is that you cannot forward emails with inline attachments (they get removed). Its been a bug for years!
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