Why does the folder view always change in Vista?

    So if im in the music folder, and I am sorting out some music, every time I turn off the computer, the music files will go back to the default list view, which hides the filenames.

    This also happens in my docs as well, why cant it remember the way I like to view the files. This is where a mac wee wees all over Microsoft.


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    bump, . . . Anyone ?


    Click on organise within explorer (top left), then FOLDER AND SEARCH OPTIONS

    then VIEW tab and make sure "Remember each folders view settings" is ticked.

    Then click "apply to all folders" if you want all fodlers to looks this way. The trouble is that it applies this view setting to All folders of the same type (e.g Music folders) so you have to repeat for all other types too (e.g Documents, Video etc ).

    Vista explorer is rubbish compared to XP as even doing the above sometimes just gets reversed for no apparent reason.

    Also the window size never gets remembered. i seem to be forever resizing windows each time I boot up.


    A solution to my problem:-

    [COLOR=blue] > Is it possible to make Vista remember the Explorer (and other) window size
    > and position? I keep resizing it but the next time I start Explorer it
    > reverts back to a small window and the same position on the screen.[/COLOR]

    Hold down when closing the window with the X (top-right).
    If that does not succeed, try holding down while closing.
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