Why does the PS3 Controller deal keep on being deleted?

    as above


    yes please say whoever is doing it please say why, is there some fraud issue?

    It's getting member spammed, because people can't find it. Besides, I just went on sonystyle, and its temporarily OOS, so it might have been expired.

    well just following the instructions it can be found, and it can be ordered now for when back it stock and someone had said they called up. Either way fine, scared me for a moment.

    So why?

    If it's SONY, who are one of the biggest most reliable companys in the world, orderable and a great bargain, why cant people see them?

    Sony dont do kickbacks maybe?
    or a mod has an order for 100 and wants better odds on getting them?

    Original Poster

    not sure, as you can still order from the site for £18.

    so any explanation as to why the deal has been removed?

    spam cannot really be a reason as members are just posting pefectly valid posts....

    plus, it can be easily found if the instructions are followed.


    its outta stock in other words not in stock to buy

    it can be ordered but who knows if its ever gonna b back

    its sony they dont run out of stock
    just the computer runs out is all

    People want the go to deal button to work instantly. Doing a little work (google to get to the vaio site) is a little to hard and thus a bad deal.

    joke btw
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