Why does the sounds coming though my headphones sounds so bad? (on my pc)

    I bought 2 pairs both fairly pricey and they sounds utter gash when plugged into my PC, but when i use them on walkman / TV they sounds immense!

    Can any1 help?


    have you got a sound card on the pc or are you using the onboard or have you got both ????

    Edit: opps i thought he said they were not working at all

    if they are a small pair of headphones there can be alot of elecrical interferance from the PC, does it have constant high pitched buzzing or beeping.?

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    They are proper over you ear big headphones, the sound is perfect when coming thru the speakers, just terrible thru the headphone's.

    You've got faulty ears.:whistling:

    I've got these sweet Sennheiser's and they sound absolute gash on the PC too.

    I eventually came to the conclusion that the PC soundcard simply doesn't have the necessary power to drive them

    As above, I'd imagine its the sound card.

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    Can any1 point me in the direction of a decent sound card? and mayb a 5.1 speaker set to !, might as well go all out!

    Whats the make/brand of headphones?

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    Sorry, I should've asked before, Whats the model number?


    Looks like you need something like this :…php

    Thats about £75 quid though, Should be some cheaper ones somewhere.


    What is the sound card, onboard or seperate?
    Check in your control panel, audio, (or audio software) that you have got it setup ok for the way you want to use it, surround sound any effects or equalizers or boosters etc. for when you plug in headphones.

    For a good soundcard, take a look at the creative X-fi platinum.

    Hope it help!
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