why does top cahback take so long?

Found 3rd Aug 2017
I signed up last year after seeing everyone talk about it. I used it twice, once for Halfords in store spending £3.99 and the other on Tesco's direct online spending £47.50. Halfords confirmed cashback today for 0.06p and Tesco last month for £1.22. Both purchases were in December 2016. Does it always take that long or can I request to speed it up? Thanks

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Depends on the retailer.
The average payout time is listed against them. I've had some which have taken months and others where it's been in my account within weeks.

I had a Voda contract finally pay out 2 years after talking it out. The dealers pay when they fell like it, there's no way to speed it up. If Quidco/TCB ect haven't had the fund from the dealer they can't pay you...

Ive just had the quickest one ever. Paid for airport parking on Saturday and on Tuesday it was confirmed! Some of them take so long and if you have to put a claim in for untracked, then heaven help you. I had one last year for Loveholiday and it ended up being 18 months before they paid out. Wouldn't give up tho as it was £600!
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