Why doesnt it feel like xmas??

    Can someone help me please

    I dont finish work until tomorrow then off for 4 days but it just really doesnt feel like xmas for me this year.

    What about you guys and gals?



    im loving it realy exited

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    Lol well lucky you :P

    I agree - this time last year I was laid on a beach in CUBA!!!! I'm booking up for next year!

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    WHAT?!?!? I want a nice holiday now :P

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    rofl JFK i want it to be christmassy just for some strange reason its not wanted to happen Ive even got my USB xmas tree on the go and its still not working lol

    Think I may have peaked a bit too early: I was ready for Christmas back in mid November, but perhaps that's just cos I did all my shopping online in October...
    Still at least I get the anticlimax over and done with before the special day...


    rofl JFK i want it to be christmassy just for some strange reason its not … rofl JFK i want it to be christmassy just for some strange reason its not wanted to happen Ive even got my USB xmas tree on the go and its still not working lol

    you need Christmas carols.... get some Cinnamon scented candles going, some Christmas songs on, mince pies....soon have some Christmas cheer going

    I am not feeling in the Christmas mood either. I am not a massive fan of Christmas anyway but I just wish I felt a bit more festive! My family arent Christmas people either so I must get it from them!

    I finish work tomorrow lunchtime then on holiday for a week - rubbish Christmas TV, here I come!

    normally i cant wait but this year it feels just like every other day kinda like its only october not christmas at all and this is the 1st time it has not felt like christmas

    Im not feeling very christmasy either, I just cant be bothered really. I didnt enjoy November at all with losing my job TWICE! dont ask. I also turn 30 in January and the clock starts ticking on christmas day as its a month after. I REALLY dont want to get old!!!!!! I also know what im getting for christmas so no surprises there. Im also not looking forward to new year either as we normally go away but the cost has gone up so much weve gotta stay at home. And if new year is anything like the last time we stayed at home, I think i might just spend the day in bed with a picnic lol Either that or drink the hoards of vodka I have in one go and sleep right through it.... actually thats not a bad idea!!!!!!

    Ohhh I hate it when I feel like this at christmas.... My tree looks nice though

    Apply yourself to what will give you a buzz. Decos, music prezzies obviously aren't working. What about spending some thought to find something witty/jokey/suitable for your friends or relatives and which is unique? Illustrate a home made card with the most suitable sentiment you can find or think off, or a trick, setup, funny youtube vid (you'll enjoy the finding at the same time). Something you know would make them smile etc. Doesn't cost anything other than your time. They will appreciate it and in the meantime you are focusing on something good and fun which will give pleasure and so hopefully make you feel more in 'the Christmas Spirit'. Can be as unimaginative as putting a fake parking ticket on their car (if they can take a joke) just so you can look forward to knowing they are going to react. Extend the expectation so you are mentally caught up in the preparation and/or expectation.

    You've 4 days. Enjoy them being 'Christmassy' or enjoy them relaxing. Only 4 days at Xmas is a lot less than most so you are entitled to chill out and do your own thing.

    Happy Christmas

    I dont feel christmasy,

    it never seems to snow anymore wtf is tht about.

    no snow.

    id say is because there are arnt much genuine deals these days. These days, there are either limited to 1 or none, or they are scams. Last year or two, I don't think we even had that problem (that much anyway). There are exceptions of course, but over the course of this year, this is how I think of it compared to other years.

    Come on, it's obvoius - It's because we're getting OLD!!!!!


    Come on, it's obvoius - It's because we're getting OLD!!!!!

    speak for yourself!
    it's my 21st birthday next week :):):)

    Im 20 don't feel like christmas this year my little girl is 3 months old. hopefully next year when she understands more it will tho.
    Definitely feels like Christmas my back is killing, Bethlehem seems to get further every year!
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