Why Dogs Bite...................

    Now I know.

    (see below)


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    pmsl love the kid one!

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    love the 3rd from bottom, lol

    Oi!! its not 3rd from bottom now!

    :lol: poor dogs!

    Last ones the best

    "Why dogs ...." Removing the B and adding SH to the title would be more appropriate imo ;-)

    Love these. Especially the one with the little one drawing lol.

    i don't like the one with the tin on its head

    This one really has a "I'm so not amused" face. lol


    i don't like the one with the tin on its head

    Thought he was a tribute to Heath Ledger - A Knights Tale?

    Love the Boxer!

    Ah bless, cute pics but cant believe someone half burried their dog, thats just cruel


    this one will so help me convince hubby we should have a frenchie next lol
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