Why had eBay charged me so much?

Found 31st Dec 2009
I listed a phone on eBay starting at £0.99 and it ended up getting sold for around £41.
However i have been charged £12.53 of eBay charges!
Also they said i can't receive the £41 until i have paid the £12.53 eBay fees.
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ebay fees are done monthly, at the end of the month

set ebay to take the money from your paypal account automatically, it then takes them an extra 5 days :lol:

you still should recieve the money from seller cos ebay can't stop you recieving funds ....... but you will need to pay your bills quickly

my mum was banned from ebay for 5 years cos she owed them 10p in fees, they kepty sending her emails but she had changed her email address :lol:

i sold one other thing this month, which i already paid £2 fees for and i only used the free gallery picture.
Looks like your last charge was £2.06

The other amount must of been for somethings else you've sold?

£12 seems a bit steep then:?

yeah i got £11 fees for £130 sell :lol:

hmmmm must be an error somewhere,

you sure you didnt set a reserve, buy it now, or the added extra's you can include
Click on View Recent "Fees" and search on the previous month
also your being told you can't have your money till you pay your bills ???

you sure its not a paypal block cos your feedback is low

they will hold the money until 21 days or the buyer leaves positive feedback
Looking at it, it looks to me like it is something to do with a payment reversal, eg last time your fees were paid the transaction failed. This has happened to me before. Check whichever account your last lot of fees came out of and see if they were actually paid. HTH
I stay clear of ebay & paypal....advise that you do your auction and go the bank transfer route...
I found that much easier even though it took 2 days for payment to come up in my account.
but i was quids in!

I dont know who paypal protects...for charging so much as they buyer of my product paid via paypal and they told me payment is on hold....as he was a newbie on ebay..I spoke to him on the phone and we agreed to do it via bank transfer....as on hold status was going to be there for 30 days.....EBAY SUCKS! and its costing more and more these days...

There are loads of people who feel the same way and even sellers or buyers with over 1000 feedback... Paybal is a ebay company and when you phone them to resolve something they blame it on ebay....passing the buck around....These two companies have become far too big and people need to stop using them to make a different....

use classified....gumtree/loot etc...yeah there chances that you would find imbeciles who want to rob you off but then again, you need to protect yourself. I have created a new internet bank account where I have no overdraft and it virtually has no money...soon as the incoming funds come in I withdraw them.....

I am sure there will be lot of people who would disagree but its my way of raising two fingers towards Paypal & ebay!
Yeah just checked my account from when this happened to me. They tried to take money from my old account no idea why as I cancelled the DD instruction) Anyway, as they couldn't take my fees it was returned to ebay.

So... the £2.06 figure is a payment reversal fee. You will also probably have been charged £5.00 for the direct debit bouncing (as I was) so this leaves you with £7.06 owing. The rest is probably what it actually cost you to sell thephone, eg £5 for final fees and a listing fee. They are probably holding your money due to the fact you had a payment reversal. I think they said this to me, but I paid the amount owing by paypal.

So I agree with the PP. Ebay and paypal are robbing gits and I avoid selling on there unless absolutely necessary, as not only do ebay charge you £5, your bank charge you for the bounced DD as well which is usually around £15. My bounced DD of £3 something ended up costing me over £20!!!
Youre also pretty much boned by PayPal if you use it to buy something not from eBay as its much advertisised buyer protection policy isnt worth too poops outside of it! ...but...I digress
I think they're just taking it out on you for having disgraced yourself by using a mac.
Buyer protection policy isn't worth much inside ebay transactions either! If the dodgy seller has taken the cash out, paypal can't (or won't) recover it, so you still don't get your money back!!! Paypal have a win win situation..... :x
If you go in to 'my ebay' and then 'sellers account'. Under the word balance you will see view recent fees - this will give you a breakdown of the £12.53 fees.

Buyer protection policy isn't worth much inside ebay transactions either! … Buyer protection policy isn't worth much inside ebay transactions either! If the dodgy seller has taken the cash out, paypal can't (or won't) recover it, so you still don't get your money back!!! Paypal have a win win situation..... :x

Dont they refund you but keep first £15 as a fee? Im sure thats how much they took from me when I bought a PS2 from a scammer in the past
Nope, not always. If the other person has withdrawn the money you get jack. Hubby got stitched for £100 once, and I got caught a couple of times for less than £10. Each time the claim was decided in our favour, but they were "unable to recover funds" from the other person! I did get my money back on another occasion, (without paypal taking any fee) but only because paypal were already suspicious of the person and had frozen their account.
i can't really tell why, but i think it was because i hadn't set my paypal account to auto pay all my ebay fees and then they had to reverse the payment which costs £4 something and £2 fees for what they too before i think they're taking again and then another £6 for this item's fees etc. That is way too much i have actually lost money by selling on eBay because of all these stupid fees.
You probably listed it as "Mobile phone with Contract", where the listing fee is £7.95.
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