Why have CEX bumped all their prices

Found 8th Jan 2012
most ther games are increased, kinda lame used to be a good priced shop

example GOY fallout 3 went from £8 to £12
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well they can make a living off someone else... i pay the lowet possible price only, back to gamestation
also the delivery charge is silly puts me right off!
Rip off Britain.
I bought one of those e586 mifi's from them for £40. Which is a great price. So you aren't buying from Cex as its too expensive, but your going to Gamestation??? oO
Supply and demand maybe so prices will fluctuate from time to time

I tend not to buy anything that has been out recently like ps3 games and blu rays as more often than not they are more expensive than new prices so tend to just stick to older games and blu rays to add to my collection
Hell £12 for fallout 3 well worth the hours you can put into that game!
I paid £40 on release day then £60 for the special edition and then £50 for the game exclusive CE and then 7.99 x 5 for each dlc when they were released lol.

and then on top of that other fallout 3 related crap lol
they always do this from time to time. give it a few weeks if that and prices will change again.
just take advantage of it. recently got crysis 2 from them for £8, now it's £12 to buy and £8 trade so nothing lost when I traded it in
It's because they've got no stock in their shops following the Christmas period so they increase the cash/trade price to encourage people to trade their stuff in to fill the shelves, but in turn of upping the cash/trade price, the sell price has to go up also. This happens every year, give it a few weeks and they’ll drop the prices back again.
noticed this also, helps me tho as im gonna take RAGE in tomorrow and get £12 trade for it
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