Why have ebay made it so hard to contact a seller?

    I'm trying to arrange a pickup but ebay won't let me contact him after winning. Realise I should have asked before hand but this is stupid.


    can you not do the exchange contact details thingy??

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    can you not do the exchange contact details thingy??

    he's going to think I'm being dodgy? need an updated invoice though if I'm picking up

    edit: done it but I think it's a loophole they haven't closed yet.


    You need to get the sellers contact details here .…c=1

    This will give you their phone number and the address they have on file with ebay.

    Cash on collection is best.

    You can leave the seller a message when you request a new invoice from him. He will get a notification saying the buyer has left a message. Click on request total amount and a box should appear....hope this helps.....

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    oh its okay when I went through to check the invoice there was an option to collect in person for free

    if I don't pay through paypal they can say they didn't receive the money then I get a strike against my account.


    But if it's not as described when you go to pick it up you can walk away.

    If you pay him it's highly unlikely he will put a report in for non payment.
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