why have paypal done an enquiry

    ok poeple i need some help i sold to things on ere yesterday then bowt five minutes after the 2 payments were received i then bought an xbox on ere but for some reason a dispute got opened only shortly after i sent the payment it says it was an enquiry by them any 1 give me any glues whats happening rep will be added


    Sounds like one of the people you have sold something to on here has opened a claim up against you so Paypal have frozen the funds. Hope you sent by trackable method else they will get the money back.

    i had the exact same thing, said the buyer was unverified, it was a clear ebay transaction and buyer recived fine, they took 2 wks before taking the money!!?, takes 30 days, ask you to provide proof of postage, email didn't really get anywhere, they are holding funds i think because of financial worries and more fraud transactions, and i reckon will be investigated as this can't be lawful, 30 days, give me my monies, it was £82, left me with £3 in my acc, so handy


    Sy read this thread:

    How strange. Good old Paypal. lol


    How strange. Good old Paypal. lol

    Agreed. It's pretty pathetic really.
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