Why I got declined by Orange network?

    applied for a contract via one stop phone but was told that orange declined me? when i check back to one stop website it seems the deal that i wanted was gone so perhaps its not me but one stop???


    why not get a free credit check, companies like experian do it…rt/

    You should be able to tell from experian whether Orange have done a check. Likelihood is that you're right and Onestop have pulled deal and blamed Orange. Not much you can do about it though. :roll:

    They've done it to me before but I still use them (and other Carphone Warehouse companies) because they have good deals and are fairly reliable with cashback - as long as you follow their terms exactly.


    I got refused by Vodafone recently.. checked my credit reports and everything was spotless.

    Maybe it's partly due to the larger issues at play at the moment regarding credit etc.

    wo things to consider, and this is from experience

    Do you bank with a building society, ie not one of the big four banks. I know for a fact that Nationwide bank accounts give problems via CPW systems and this can lead to credit check failures. it something to do with the way the account number is transmitted from CPW to the network for the credit check. This has happened twice to me with Nationwide. Use another bank account and all goes through fine.

    Also if you go via Quidco, OSPS / e2save use this as a trick. They email you / text you to say there is aproblem then you have to cal them at your cost to be told that you have been refused, but the nice people at CPW group will sort it all out for you. Normally it then goes through, BUT you have had to call them and therefore it is no longer wholely an online transaction and bigo, Quidco does not track, but your order goes through - hence they get out of the Quidco payment - again happened to me twice :-(


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    ARGH........ this ppl r cunning and making use of quidco for ads. never honour the deal. sigh

    I got refused by Orange. Checked my credit rating - everything ok. Wrote to Orange and they told me it was because I was a company director.

    Signed up with Virgin instead without any problem.
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