Why is amazon prime delivery not next day anymore?

Posted 3rd Jan 2023
For example, I've noticed today that most things have a delivery estimate for Jan 7th or 8th.... SORRY?!? What's this all about? Feels like the nineties all over again

And yes, I have been living under a rock.

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    It depends on where you are, where the logistics centre is, and which courier is being assigned for delivering between the two places. You're also looking quite late in the day now so if they are particularly busy with lots of orders it will add an extra day on to allow for fulfillment too.

    I Placed an order at about 11:30 This morning and it's just gone out for delivery now due to arrive in the next half hour for me. But if I look at that same item now, my area is saying delivery by Thursday. If I look early enough tomorrow though it will go back to saying same day delivery available... It changes all the time and looking in the late afternoon and evening is the worst possible time for Amazon if you're wanting your items in a rush.
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    yimyam1 Author
    Very helpful, thanks. I forgot to mention at about 4pm this afternoon it was saying delivery tomorrow for the item I wanted, then an hour and a half later I checked and it said 7th, then 8th an hour later. Think I'll just hold out till tomozzle morning
  2. m4rmite's avatar
    It's worse when it shows as next day delivery, then when you're about to pay it shows as a different delivery date.
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    yimyam1 Author
    Ohhh the pain. Totally get you. Nothing worse! 😩
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    I ordered my daughter some hair straighteners on Saturday and they got delivered today (Tuesday) even though they were direct from Amazon. Before Christmas they were on next day delivery.
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    Anonymous User
    We'll just ignore that Sunday, Monday and today (for some) are bank holidays then?
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    I'm getting next day with 1pm priority too? It's just warehouse deals where they take 2 days usually
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    yes, i am getting this as well so i think it may be where the OP is located that is a localised problem
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    Depends on who is delivering, location and item you purchased. I have ordered stuff using standard delivery and it came next day and i have ordered things with next day but it took longer and vice versa. Few times i have ordered next but it arrived same day and few times i managed to order early morning for same day delivery

    In nutshell its all over the place but amazon delivery is still the most reliable than any other site by far (edited)
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    I've had things same day and also next day recently so wonder if it's regional issues or supplier issues causing the delay.
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    They didn't deliver over Xmas - New Year holidays (poor sods need/deserve a break) so as far as I am concerned it's next working day which all of mine have been. (edited)
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    yimyam1 Author
    That's fair enough. Lucky you, I'm supposedly going to have to wait until 7th or 8th if I was to buy something this evening, there is nothing available that'll arrive sooner. Hopefully the dates will change temora morningz
  8. Mendoza's avatar
    I’m getting next day (north west)

    maybe it’s who you’re buying from, maybe not fulfilled by Amazon
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    yimyam1 Author
    It's every item I can see from different categories. For some reason I've learnt its dependent on the time of day of recent. It's already gone from the 8th to the 6th, hopefully it'll be next day tomorrow morning
  9. samwants2save's avatar
    South east here.. before chrimbo it was saying 3day delivery etc, but still delivered everything next day
    yimyam1's avatar
    yimyam1 Author
    SWestside here. It's like living in the dark ages over here
  10. PonJaul76's avatar
    Get the odd thing that says next day or same day before 10pm when ordering and it takes an extra day but most are same or next. I'd say 1 in 20 are slower
  11. aLV426's avatar
    Yep - I guess it's probably because there have been lots of disruptions. Annoyingly for me I live less than a few miles away from Northern Irelands largest sorting office, and an industrial estate that are hubs for all the major couriers! Still get delays in delivery (I ordered stuff in November from China expecting them to be delivered in about 6 weeks - 6 days later they showed up - yet stuff I got delivered locally (1.1 miles away!) have yet to be delivered!)
    yimyam1's avatar
    yimyam1 Author
    An absolute travesty! China number 1!
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    i think it depends. I've had stuff meant to be delivered by Amazon, but some DPD courier came instead. I think this is when they are overloaded on deliveries in the area, so have to delay it.

    Theres some deliveries by amazon drivers, then others by those amazon freelance couriers, the ones that use their own car and drop stuff off that normally drop to me next day.
  13. stedaman's avatar
    It is next day for the most part, but its just been christmas, they always have last minute people buying in droves and so many parcels makes it go to 2 days sometimes, no biggy.
  14. yorkie12's avatar
    It's normally 2 days best for me here in North Wales, although I did get a smoke alarm delivered next day just before Christmas. Amazon use Royal Mail ,even for beer, and the odd currier for deliveries. No chance of any of their food services either.
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    Something weird is going on with the site , last night I was looking for something I needed today and even selecting next day delivery everything was Thursday delivery. This morning the same items are now same day delivery ??
  16. dorey69's avatar
    Sickness and time off for the employees who worked their bums off before Christmas
  17. Sue_deNym's avatar
    The main problem is that it's promised the next day on Amazon Prime and then they fail to deliver. I've now been let down a number of times having arranged for someone to be there to sign for a delivery or to receive a delivery code on expensive items (I'm doing a house refurb) and they don't deliver. They then inform you late afternoon that it will be delivered the next day instead when no one can be there. You can't rely on them any more which was the whole point of the Prime delivery promise.
    I now buy important items from elsewhere if I can.
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