Why is Bully: Scholarship Edition for the 360 still so expensive??

Found 23rd Sep 2010
this game is really old so i cant understand the price this is still selling for game had it pre ownd for £24.99 ?? i mean WTF! thats more expensive than MW2 and bioshock and such like
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Wasn't a big seller so wasn't massively produced so it's a harder to get hold of game....hence price.
cos they know you still want it

It did get banned at one point so production stopped.
sometimes games which are no longer 'in print' cost more after a while
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Try this - a few quid in your pocket if you really want the game

^but check to see if this is region locked if you want to play on legit non modded 360.

according to here it will not work play-asia.com/paO…tml
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Mines still on shelf with shrink wrap and seal from when it was £7.99 somewhere a long long time ago
It's on xbox live Games on Demand for £14.99
around £15 on ebay buy it now
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