Why is ebay full of Non paying twonks?

Found 29th Sep 2009
I don't sell a lot, mostly kids stuff when they grow out of it, but each and every time I sell a batch of stuff, I always get one buyer who doesn't pay.

For gods sake ebay, kick the little week minded, forgetful bleeders off forever!

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why not sell here wont always get such good prices. But lot less hassle
i agree +1
Oh it drives me mad. And waiting for people to pay for a week.
I always pay immediately as i do here to. Drives me nuts
when selling there is an option to set buyer requirements. I always use this, it has many options within this such as only ppl with paypal accounts can buy, block any buyer with item strikes, low feedback, block international buyers etc. It's on the page where you are listing the item I think below P&P :thumbsup:

Also you can set immediate payment so they have to pay straight away once they win or it will still be listed on ebay
I am getting increasingly disheartened with Ebay, I always pay as soon as I win anything, but have noticed now that most sellers say that they will post within 5-7 days and they post the items won on the 7th or 8th day! I think this is unacceptable. They expect payment straight away so they should post the goods straight away. Whenever I sell things on there I have them ready to package & send as soon as they are won. Posted same day in many cases or next day. I no longer use Ebay for these reasons.

Daughter still sells things on ebay and is getting sick of timewasters & scammers. One has just let her negative feedback saying she is a scammer, after she refunded him his money on a wii that he said was faulty, which was in working order when it was posted. If she was a scammer she certainly wouldn't of given him a refund. Ebay have been no help to her
I hate it, you just want to do one trip to the post office but no you have to go again later in the week to post the ones who haven't paid for days!

I hate it, you just want to do one trip to the post office but no you … I hate it, you just want to do one trip to the post office but no you have to go again later in the week to post the ones who haven't paid for days!

Exactly, I like to end my auctions at the same time, and post at the same time next day, but these gits make you do 3-4 trips for nothing. These parcels are huge and need a courier, so there in the hall waiting for two gits to pay up so I can get rid of them and make room. Why god why!!!!!
That´s why I do buy it now´s with immediate payment required ONLY.
Used to to auctions for years but people take way too long to pay
[SIZE="2"]Ebay needs to wake up and get the feedback system sorted asap! non paying bidders are rife on ebay now.

I try to lessen the chances of none paying bidders with these two links.

1. Bid cancellation Form

2. Blocked bidders List

I always check a bidders feedback during the auction, if there's anything on there I don't like I cancel their bid and add them to my blocked bidders list so they cant rebid. I instantly do the same for people with 0 or very low feedback ratings, I used to give people the benefit of the doubt but after half a dozen none paying bidders in a row my live and let live attitude soon turned into everyman for himself!.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"]"Stay green, stay in the woods, and stay safe." — Karl Pilkington.[/SIZE]
I sold a phone on ebay at the weekend and have monitored other phone sales on ebay to get an idea what I could expect, on the Nokia 5800 out of the 40 I watched atleast 6 of them were from fake buyers, who would bid between £450 and £3000, which was the best,. In future my listings will be to set that they must have a paypal account to bidso atleast you stand a chance of them being legit.
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