Why Is It..

    You just get a nice customer services person on Orange..
    Then my phone disconnects
    Talking to a guy called Graham in Orange redemptions/upgrades, and he said at the moment I can get 600 min and unlimited texts for £15 and a free HTC Diamond, or wait a little bit and the deals might get better and then I was like ok well I might just go for that and he's like well I tell you what I'll do, I'll write a note on your account making sure that they know you can definately get £15 a month!
    And I was like yes please and just as I said yes please my phone disconnected
    And then when I rang again got a guy who wasnt very nice bit blunt tbh and wouldnt let me talk about it or put me through to graham because I'm only a third party account holder!
    Only wanted abit of info.
    He even said graham was on his team, but he couldnt talk to me cos I'm only third party..But I had just been talking tohim!
    Sorry Lol
    Rant over!


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    Anyone else ever had this?

    Sorta, when the internet went down, got a bloke that was gonna go through testing everything - then the phone connection died.

    If you didn't get the plan - just keep ringing back and haggling until you get that same plan again - someone will offer it you :thumbsup:

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    Thats what I plan to do
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