Why is it so hard to find cheap PS4 games compared to Xbox One games?

Found 30th Jul 2017
Got a PS4 bundle on Prime Day for £179.99 but can't seem to find many good game deals on PS4, e.g CDKeys seem to have great Xbone deals but nothing good for PS4.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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There are lots of games cheap on psn paired with cheap credit.
What games (and game types) are you looking for? There are plenty of good games at good prices on both platforms, but they're not necessarily the same.
What is cheap to you?

Star wars battlefront ultimate (season pass) is I believe 7.99 still on psn,

Game have doom with uac, fallout 4 and dishonored 2 for 20 total.

There were loads of good deals on a recent US flash sale but no sale on time machines so one to look out for in the future (gow 3, shadow of mordor goty about 3.50 each for example).
If you are new to PS4 then there are loads of older games at cheap prices, CEX is a good source for older titles.
There are tons of cheap games and constant deals going on, you're just not looking hard enough.
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