Why is it so hard to get The Lion King on DVD?

    Im trying to get it for a present but i cant seem to find it anywhere, i thought that it would be easy!! Any one know where?



    Was deleted, think they usually go on a 7 year cycle, sure i read it is being released next year though.

    Probably find one on e-bay, but pay £100 for it


    But very pricey in general for some reason!!!!

    youl pay around £32 quid second hand for it



    I dont think so lol

    ]12 new from £64.95


    that wont be a legit 1 but is good price if you dont mind

    January 2005 was the last time it was available, new obviously.

    Word is it will be out on BluRay within the next year or so


    that wont be a legit 1 but is good price if you dont mind

    How come ?

    Says new & sealed ?

    ChrisUK;7098464£14.99 …£14.99 delivered

    Don't know if this is good or not, not sure i would trust them though

    Domain name:

    Trident DVD

    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant's address:
    2929 Jin Hi Road
    Min Hang District, Shanghai

    Easily Limited t/a [Tag = WEBCONSULTANCY]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 29-Dec-2008
    Renewal date: 29-Dec-2010
    Last updated: 13-Oct-2009

    Registration status:
    Registered until renewal date.

    Name servers:

    £15.99 on eBay as well - states it's Region 2 (UK), new & not a copy

    Item number:190354962192

    Wow I have a copy of this somewhere didn't know its rare though? lol

    i bought the trple pack for 17.99 from play years ago

    the 14.99 1 is defo fake but you wont notice any difference

    Disney created an artificial limitation on the dvds so they release the dvds and then take them off the market so they maintain a high value rating and high profit margin.
    They then wait a period of time and release an update dvd / bluray. This helps them maintain a high profit margin and prevents the market being saturated with a film.

    I got £36 a couple of years ago for Lion King 2 First release. Put it on thinking I'd get about £7 and thought that the buyer had gone mad when it finally went. Expected getting some message from a parent saying the kids had bought it and was really suprised when I get the cheque through the post.

    Felt a bit guilty though, as I tripled what I'd paid for it.

    Don't buy from [url][/url] it's fake. Trust me, I've got a copy from them.

    Oh, they're happy to take it back for credit, providing I send it by a 'Signed For' service to Thailand, however, Royal Mail International Signed For (to guarantee it gets a signature at the far end) is £49.00!

    There's an open thread on this forum detailing the cases of many of us who have been scammed by these counterfeiting rip-off merchants hiding behing a website. PLEASE STAY WELL CLEAR.
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