Why is it so hard to pirate Windows 8.1 apps?

    Switching from Android to Windows is just very hard not because of the smaller app store but because you can't (apparently) pirate apps.

    I'm coming from Android where there are so many sites like apkmania and even though I'm looking to purchase a Windows tablet I can't overcome this issue.

    Anyways my question is, will these apps ever be pirated or are Windows apps just much more secure?

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    You can't sideload applications like you can with Android. Windows is more secure in that regard and I doubt it will be broken anytime soon.

    Just had a wee Google


    Just had a wee Google

    Looks just like Bluestacks. Not very good either.

    Why don't you stop being a thief and pay for something that you want?


    thread closed as the question has been answered and I cant see this going anywhere nice from now on.

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