Why is lamb so expensive these days?

Posted 3rd Dec
Lamb was never the cheapest of cuts, but it used to be reasonably priced only a few years ago. Could get like 9 chops for £5 in Tesco before offers. Now its 4 chops for £5 or something silly. Why has the price of lamb shot up so much in the past 2 years?
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It's droughts in Australia I believe.
also not in season in UK
Cost. Its expensive to rear a lamb . About 8 years ago i could buy half a lamb for £55 or a whole lamb for £100 from my local farmer/butcher. It now costs well over £100 just to just to rear a lamb, so the cost of rearing, butcher prices, plus the farmer has to make a profit = higher prices. I do remember when i was a kid in the 70s lamb and pork was cheaper than chicken.
I've been asked to do a Welsh cawl for the in-laws and I'm going to have to spend £8 (600g) on diced lamb leg to do it.
I know the whole leg is cheaper, but I'm a terrible butcher and it would be a pain in the arse.
And don't be roped in by Welsh salt marsh lamb. It's overrated imo and tastes of fa.
EU protectionist tariffs on New Zealand lamb.
But on the flip side Mint Sauce is getting cheaper
British lamb half shoulder was £5/kg last week at Morrisons. I thought this was quite OK price.
Azwipe03/12/2019 22:01

EU protectionist tariffs on New Zealand lamb.

NZ lamb is tariff free
Azwipe03/12/2019 22:01

EU protectionist tariffs on New Zealand lamb.

chocci04/12/2019 06:16

NZ lamb is tariff free

NZ lamb is not tariff free, but low enough overall.

The maximium tariff is about 12.5%, depending on the cut of meat, if it is fresh or frozen.

The EU has a quota of tariff-free imports of lamb etc; 85% of this zero tariff quota is given to New Zealand.
Gigot, chump and double loin chops were regulars in our house growing up. We werent well off, but I wonder how many kids these days have ever seen a lamb chop.

I know if I was cooking for a family now I couldnt afford lamb a couple of times a week.
Prices in New Zealand and Australia reached record breaking heights recently, and have shown little sign of stopping. The New Zealand price has had 14 consecutive weeks of rises, with no week-on-week decline since the middle of February. In the most recent week the New Zealand North Island lamb price reached 820 cents/kg, according to NZ Farmers Weekly. Due to the GB deadweight lamb slipping during recent weeks, on sterling terms New Zealand prices currently stands around 8p below GB prices (w/ending 28 July). So once imported and tariffs paid !!!!!

These rate are before sending it half way around the world. Oz and NZ have large and growing export markets in parts of Asia which are on their doorstep in relative terms.
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I'm working on a cost effective solution to the price of lamb.

Simple supply and demand. More demand for meat worldwide = higher prices. Problems in Europe and other places with produce feed for animals have also driven up costs too.

Do a vegan one?
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