Why is Music amazing & share a song from your playlist (google)

    Why do people, like me, love music? When ever I hear something great I just get caught up in the moment and wish my life was simpler. Even when it gets stuck in my head, I love it, unless its a horrible song like "Friday".

    I think it is psychological, but if it is anything else I am definitely open to all answers on this one. Once again, what is it in us that makes us love music? Maybe share a moment when music effected you in a positive way?

    Also feel free to share one of your favourite tracks.



    Love music.
    Time off yesterday, so had an all day music sesh.
    I love all kinds of music, but can't get on with Rag n Bone man. Is there something I'm missing?

    Its the way our brains are wired. "A 2001 experiment at McGill College used brain scans to study the neural mechanics of the goosebumps that great music can sometimes induce. They found that the brain structures activated are the same regions linked to other euphoric stimuli, such as food, sex and drugs.

    Blood flow in the brain rises and falls to swells of music in areas associated with reward, emotion and arousal.

    As stimulation for food and sex are important for a organism's survival, the fact that similar neural activity is observed in responses to features in music suggests that there could be some evolutionary advantage to the ability to hear — or hum — a good tune."


    Baking Bread (Bar 9)Kalawanji (Kromestar) Dribble Vip (Muffler)In the … Baking Bread (Bar 9)Kalawanji (Kromestar) Dribble Vip (Muffler)In the House In a Heartbeat (John Murphy) Smash TV (Chase & Status) Time (Hans Zimmer) You Keep It All In (The Beautiful South)

    ​All your track links come up 'track not available' in my Google Play. Interesting and diverse choice but nearly gave up the will to google after hearing your first chosen track from Bar 9

    The angle of the dangle is approximately proportionate to the heat of the beat. At least, that's my scientific understanding of it.
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