why is my browser missing buttons etc?

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Found 7th Jan 2009
Here is a link to a screen capture I did. (First time I have done this so it might not work.)


OK how do I display an image on here?


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thanks Caspar

It looks like a standard IE7 setup. Have you recently upgraded from IE6 to IE7 or ran Windows Update recently and this has installed IE7 automatically. If that's the case and you don't like it, you can uninstall it by going to Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs and you'll find it there near the bottom. Once you've uninstalled it, it will revert back to IE6.

If that's not the problem then please describe what you think you're missing.

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The light grey sections at the top are missing information. If I were to move my mouse over the area between "ebay tools" and "QC" another button would appear but not until I move the mouse over that area. I have vista and IE7 installed. Using a ATI X1950pro card and have uninstalled and re-installed the latest catalyst drivers. I'm wondring if it's the card that is knackered. It doesn't always happen. The other day I opened notepad several times and the file contents of the .txt file were not displayed. Closed and opened the file again and the content was displayed OK. It seems that random bits of information are not displayed until another repaint is forced etc.

are u clean?

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Yep. I've done scans with Kaspersky online scanner since this has been happening and nothing


get firefox mate or google chrome much better and faster and less security issues

good time to do it if you having problems

]google chrome


my IE7 also has these problems. I just put it down to being a useless ancient browser. Only use it for quidco.

Get firefox. you will wonder why it took you so long to see the light.
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