Why is my computer internet connection so slow?

    I have an N powered adapter inside my computer, and an N router with speeds upto 240mbps. But my computer is only connecting at a max of 54mbps, surely it should be capable of more like the computer in the other room?

    could anyone try to shed some light on my problem? ill provide a little information about my pc if it'll help.

    Dell studio 1737
    Dual core T3200 @ 2.00 GHz
    4gb ram
    intel(r) WiFi Link 5300 AGN


    check your router config page, you sure it isn't set to G mode or mixed? Try setting it to N only and reboot it and test further.

    Your router does not have the strong enough signal. Try them in one room, that should work, other wise you have to use a N technology bridge to increase the router coverage.

    You can try to set the router and adaptor to use N technology to connect only, but that means all your old technology device will not be able to connect.

    even at 54mbps it should be a good signal... its probably just the broadband u got is slow itself... what speed broadband do u have?

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    my router only has settings to have b/g/n together, not just N seperately but its connected to all three.

    My laptops right next to the router and im still only getting 54mbps and the computer in the other rooms getting 120mpbs when on


    here its "upto" 8mbs but we really get about 5mb

    and dont get me wrong 54mbps is good but its not the max i should be getting

    I don't think normal laptop have N technology built in.

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    I don't think normal laptop have N technology built in.

    It didnt i bought a new adapter seperately and installed it, along with memory, hard-drive and bluray burner

    processor is the only bad part in it

    Well, 1st, you better disable your old wireless connection...
    2nd, this is tricky, is your new adapter as same manufacture as your router? If not, there will be a lot compatibility problems.
    N is more complicated than G, so you'd better buy all adaptor and routers or whatever from same manufacture.

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    1. How would i disable my old wireless connection? I dont get what you mean with that, sorry

    2. The adapter was the same make as the old one inside (intel) and my router is the BT HomeHub 2.0, the PC in the other room has a netgear adapter, the one that recieves a higher signal.

    Unplug your new adaptor, goto Control Panel -> Network Connections, find the wireless one, right button click, disable. Then plug your new adaptor in, try to set that one up.

    PS: I think quite a lot of laptops have a switch at the side of or in front of the laptop case, switch that one off will do the same.

    Your 2nd point, it's not 100% different manufacture N adaptors all have compatibility issue, just more likely than G.

    Found an article for you :….ht

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    ah the old ones not there any more because ive clean installed windows 7 so i only have the new adapter on the settings, so i dont think thats the problem. good idea though thanks

    i think its connecting through N technology, i wonder if my router will tell me how this device is connected
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