Why is my hot deal not on here HUKD?!!

    Posted a cracking deal on here today re a boots gift set down to £37 quid - less then half price with the stores having stock ! HUKD said it needed ' moderating ' before it goes live - don't know why - they'll be sold out by the time they say if my post is ok FFS


    what was it


    Would you like a tissue?

    Probs No7

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    Boots gift set got my missus one today - boots website says they've sold out but loads in store

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    Would you like a tissue?

    Would you like a smacked ass ?

    Lol chillax

    The average time it takes to moderate a post is about 5 minutes. If it does not appear after about half an hour there is a reason it was not approved which usually means it was already posted. You should of received a private message if that is the case

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    Posted it today - 5 hours ago ? - it isn't on here because I searched the product - no other posters -nothing, so why they've chosen to ' moderate ' it is beyond me - its a straightforward post - nothing untoward' just trying to help my fellow bargain hunters - just getting my tissues now hahaha :-)

    someone fed the mogwai after midnight again? sounds like gremlins. try posting again.

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    Probs No7

    Good guess - quality make up for her indoors ;-)


    CommentWould you like a smacked ass ?

    only if they're American - ass good grief

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    For those who are interested -…95/

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    Can't post the link - needs moderating apparently -
    Boots website ( for those who care )

    No7 The Ultimate Collection Beauty and Skincare Gift

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    So a duplicate of this posted a week ago then? … So a duplicate of this posted a week ago then?

    Perhaps - still a good deal for those who ain't seen it - hope you agree ???

    getting back on topic if its something posted a week ago then you can just post in that thread and it will bring it back

    only if it is a month or older should you start a new one

    just because you think it a good deal, or people need reminding, doesnt mean it needs a new post.


    You need to wait a month to re-post deals / vouchers.

    If your threads/posts disappear you can request help here…712

    Usually if your thread is spammed or not approved by staff you will receive a PM to explain, if you are using the App you may have issues with PM notifications so please use the desktop site to check.

    Please try to be polite when posting on HUKD.

    Your thread was a duplicate, as mentioned by another member, this is why it wasn't approved.



    Hi the thread was moderated because your deal link was missing the 'http' url info that would have allowed the merchant to be auto allocated ( instead of It was spammed by a member of the mod team within 3 minutes of it being submitted and you should have received a PM explaining that it was a duplicate with a link to the original thread.

    Further information on posting deals along with the 4 week relist guidelines can be found here :

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