for some reason, it wont now track next, cpw ect as it says tracking issue detected. BUT it will track the likes of the high street web ect.... can someone please please please help me? i have tried allsorts of things. ive previously posted in the quidco thread but i have not got any response, now im desperate, as it is through the online stores that i make most of my money from quidco. im currently waiting for next to work as i want to order my daughters uniform. ive ran ccleaner, cleared cookies ect... this all seemed to stard when i installed limewire - ive now deleted it from my ystem, but its never been the same since - someone out there, please please help me!!!!!


    I know it's not exactly what you are looking for,but if quidco is giving you trouble, try topcashback, they have been better than quidco when dealing with an insurance cashback claim and they don't charge the yearly fee either with still 100% cashback. May be worth checking out if you are doing a big one and quidco says it won't track.

    Some people also say quidco works best in internet explorer rather than firefox. And have a look at your security, maybe it's blocking cookies or something like that.

    had exactly the same problem,missed out on a lot tracking so gave up with it and went to another site…592

    Have a look at this post it solved alot of people problems last time.

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