Why is Samsung LE40A686 getting expensive day by day?

Found 26th Jan 2009
40" LCD, 100Hz

JL were selling it for 699 and now have increased it to 799.
Same with Comet, Currys etc (except Dixons still selling at 717)

This is opposite of credit crunch !!


"JL were selling it for 699 and now have increased it to 799."

Err... So this is a sort of REVERSE hot deal?

Do we get reputation added if we find it DEARER somewhere else?

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to be honest, i dont want any rep or heat. All i am trying to point out is the fact that shops are trying to increase the prices, i wonder why???

Anyone seen this before? I wanted to get the TV from JL this weekend, but probably have to wait till they bring the "INFLATED" price down again

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does JL price match for online item available at Dixons? or does it have to be in stock and in store?

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(btw anyone still willing to buy can do so from Beyond Television for 669). So not that a bad deal as the heat this post is getting

Maybe it is because they have it in stock?

1staudiovisual.co.uk/cat…213 at £699 delivered

whereas the OP is extra for delivery... not shown, I couldn't' find a figure.

Six months ago £1=$2
Today £1=$1.40

Use to buy a lot from dealextream, now the pound to the dollar makes it less attractive and prices go up every day to UK buyers but stays the same price in Dollars.
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