Why is the sound from my bluetooth headphones so poor when connected to laptop ?

    As above.

    The sound when playing music from my laptop is horrific, but when connected to my android phone its good.

    Any help ?

    Ive tried disabling mic's on my laptop, but nothing :-(


    Difference? Probably the quality of the Internal sound chipset, and software drivers. Of course there could be hundreds of reasons but without specific details regarding the laptop, phone, and headphones it's guesswork. Yes it's possible to improve sound reproduction such as using an external amplifier i.e. the Sound Blaster E1 (E3 Bluetooth functionality). Although depending on the chipset it might be possible to drastically improve performance with new drivers or adjusting settings.
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    How far away are the headphones from the phone when playing and how far away from the laptop are you? You may have older bluetooth protocol that is only 10ft in strength, plus additional interference from other 2.4ghz signals I.e. Wifi etc.

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    Luckily managed to fix the problem.

    Managed to get 'Playback devices' to recognise them as 'Bluetooth headphones', while before they were stuck as 'Bluetooth headset' with the correct option faded out and unable to select.
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