Why is there no such thing as 'Fangirls'?

    With the increasing popularity of female gamers why is there little evidence of 'Fangirls' - Is it because girls / women are more mature or simply a case of being more fickle and able to drop something at a minutes notice for a far better prospect?…boy



    coz they arent gay

    they are known as bitches

    Most of those state person rather than a male. So i'm unsure where you got this idea from. Its Fanboy because they dont care about it being PC and saying fanperson.

    Fanboy can be used to discribe anyone who loves a company or product more than they should. Be they male or female.

    I think a lot of these girls could pass for 'fangirls'...........


    more sensible and mature obviously

    I'd argue the case that there are 'fangirls', with this link:

    [ ]

    PS. Flodd... your "PM" mailbox is full!


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