Why is there site and site?

    I was looking to buy the Planet of the Apes boxset deal posted on here for £15. When you click on the link it takes you to the store (which has the Rakuten logo with underneath). But this site won't accept the XMAS5 Rakuten promo code and when I sign in it has all my previous purchase history going back to 2000 but no SuperPoints.

    However, if I go to and sign in (same login as old account) obviously I can use the XMAS5 code and I have all the SuperPoints I've earned (including 500 that have to be used by 31st December) but I only have recent purchases since the whole debacle. But then when I search for the Planet of the Apes boxset there is no Fox store on and the next cheapest is £20.

    So I guess my question is why is there 2 sites for Rakuten. I thought they replaced what used to be


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    Just been on the live chat and according to Mel B, lol, they are 2 different companies. is owned by Rakuten which is why their logo is on but accounts are seperate so you can't use points/codes from one site on the other. You live and learn as they say

    It may be they define themselves as different companys which may limit them in regard to data protection and the type of product they can sell
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