Why is there water leaking from my fridge?

Posted 27th Nov 2008
Sorry if I sound really dumb, but I keep getting water build up in that channel at the back of the fridge, and now it leaks onto my floor. I have tried cleaning the channel and drying regularly but the water is now building up too quickly. Does anyone know why it does this - do I need an engineer. I don't want to spend alot of money really as my hubby lost his job 3 months ago.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
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Fridge freezer or a fridge?
Usually there is a small drain pipe in the middle of the channel, it is probably blocked, just gently poke it clear and check it stays clear.
Most times this is a plugged defrost drain system. Check for a small hole at the back of the fridge and see if it is blocked.
Pull Back Freezer Or Fridge ,there Should Be A Little Container At The Bottom Which Collects Water Maybe It Is Full. Unplug For Safety.
I have a fridge freezer - but the water is definately coming from the fridge section, it runs from the channel at the back, down under the vegetable drawers, out and onto the floor.
Have you tried cleaning out the hole into which the water normally drains? You will find it between the channels at the back and towards the bottom of the fridge. Give it a really good dig around with a cotton bud or something like that.
ok cheers - I'll do this now and see what we have - thanks!
If the channel isn't blocked it could be that your seals are gone so warm air is getting in and it's condensation your seeing
The best thing to clear the channel is the small straw you get on Capri Sun and carton drinks, it is really strong and thin.
Wow the cotton wool bud was a genius idea - thank you! The channel was obscured by a length of metal so I thought the small circle in the middle of the channel was a screw or something. See is said I was dumb!

I really appreciate allof your effort
The condensed water is supposed to drain via the channel, down through the hole and into a tube which leads to a trap at the lower back of the fridge. This trap is usually above a cylinder which naturally gets warm, and evaporates the water. A longish length of, wire perhaps, may be needed to reach far enough. But unplug fridge for safety.
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