Why just pick on them ??

    Downloading and sharing rules !!

    Why just pick on these guys again :…stm


    Why not?

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    They are not the only pirate download site.

    to see if they can?

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    So much for intelligent viewpoints.


    So much for intelligent viewpoints.

    What did you expect? TPB sucks anyway. Nobody cares.


    However they claim that since selling the file-sharing website in 2006 they no longer have control over it.
    "The verdict is not against The Pirate Bay," Peter Sunde told the BBC.

    "It's against the former owners of TPB, plus me. Which puts us in a weird position, since none of us have the control they tell us to get. Does the court require us to hack someone else's system?"

    "We were quite sure (Frederik) did not have an offshore company setup and do all of this," wrote Mr Sunde on his blog.

    "And if he did, at least he would be smart enough to not be a director in it."

    These guys are legends. Glad I'm writing a report on them
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