Found 20th Jan 2010
When you go to places like McDonlads, Subay, KFC etc etc. How come they never have Lilt? Its one of the more popular soft drinks isnt it?

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I want to know why tooo!

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Haha, check out the way the white dude drinks it near the end.

mmm lilt is nice

no doubt it doesn't come in a syrup pack like the other bigger named soft drinks

edit...saying that its made by coca cola company so you would assume they would be able to make it available

Its pants thats why!

it's an eighties/nineties drink, not that popular anymore, bring back rootbeer to maccyd's:-D


What Lilt - with the [SIZE="7"]TOTALLY TROPICAL TASTE?[/SIZE]

i used to like it and drink it years ago. I saw bottles in sainsburys not long ago - and thought id buy a bottle.
But to me it wasnt even that good.

However drinks that should be sold in these places are Fizzy Vimto and Irn Bru

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Or even better:


] want to know why tooo!

why is it the lilt man only serves the white is he being forced to stay on the island in order to serve them with a totally tropical taste?!!

Horrible stuff and really sticky if you spill it :-D


Horrible stuff and really sticky if you spill it :-D

That's exactly what she said to me.. ;-)

Lilt was awesome Pineapple and grapefruit Lilt, if i didn't avoid fizzy drinks then i would have one every day.

Do you remember the Mango Lilt? Lovely stuff but can't get it anymore.
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