WHY OH WHY do they put guest presenters on Have I got news

    Topic Entertainment????????????????? not with Bruce I love myself Forsyth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Eamon Homes last week - OMG!!!


    because regular ones cant behave themselves and start sticking stuff up their noses

    exactly-if bruce forsyth is a national "treasure"-why doesnt someone just bury him?:whistling:

    I find him EXCRUCIATINGLY embarrassing-he cant sing,cant dance and isnt remotely funny.

    Original Poster

    Yeah but......................................................

    Its really scraping the barrel

    but laura solon is hot hot hot, she makes up for having brucie on this week.

    its finny a sugar but ive had much vodkas i ove him in an non gayd way haha lols he well old tho aint hitt




    Next week, Jim Davidson

    (kidding i hope)

    Next week I believe it is John Prescott as the guest presenter.


    I've been watching the old ones on Dave with Angus Deaton and I have to admit he was a bit of a genius with the one liners.

    Not sure about Hislop's desire to keep his fringe though!


    because of the angus deaton saga

    bruce is a legend 82 and still sharp as nails
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