why pundits are clueless especially Paul Merson…272

    I'm a blue and this made me laugh a lot...

    ohhhhh Kevin de bryne


    Because he's a smack head

    At the time it was a lot of money for a player who had a lot to prove, but he's probably a bit of a bargain now.

    Ultimately it's another example of why City are the best run club in British football. Sure they have money which makes it a bit easier, but so do Chelsea and United and their messes in comparison.

    City have had a vision for what they wanted to reach for a few years now and they've stuck to it. They stick by coaches when other teams might sack them (Pellegrini) and they don't care about reputations (Hart and Toure).

    They deserve to be where they are at the moment.

    Merson is perfect for Sky's armchair fans. Thick. Emotional. Can't string half a sentence together.

    As long as they exist & they think PL is their religion, the bubble won't burst
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    Nothing compared to what Phil McNulty is capable of


    Merson really gets on my nerves. My dog has a better football knowledge than him.


    That last part.. ''Honestly Jeff I thought it was Lira'' X)
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