Why quidco?

    I have recently joined quidco as I am a new member to this site and quidco is constantly mentioned. But there are others (TCB is one of them) that seem to offer higher cashback rates...

    eg CD-WOW with quidco = 5%, with TBC = 6.5%
    with Currys quidco = 3%, TCB = 3.5%

    Am i missing something? Why does this site seem to prefer quidco?


    It just happens to be a site that a lot of the members here prefer. You can mention any cashback site you want, but you yourself have even advocated quidco, as you are saying it is constantly mentioned:


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    Yeah dont get me wrong I think quidco as a site is fantastic and i have made money on it after just a few transactions. People here prefer it so I am happy to stick with them too.

    If you don't think QuidCo's amounts are correct then contact them. They're very honest and open about their charges so they'll either have an explanation or they'll change it. They keep commissions up to date with what the affiliate networks pay them. Some retailers pay less to "incentive sites" where incentives are given to the user for purchasing, such as QuidCo does.

    TBC could be in the wrong for not registering as an incentive site maybe...??

    I think it depends on how many sales are made through cashback sites. If they produce higher sales, they receive a higher rate [I could be wrong, but I think that's how the 100% cashback sites work].

    Some other cashback sites don't give you back 100%, in fact they keep as much as 50% of your click throughs.

    TopCashBack and QuidCo.Com give you 100% and other incentives based on performance...

    Another reason I stick with QuidCo is that they were around first so most people signed up to them first and have already paid the fee. It'd be trivial paying another site too just because the commisions are a slight percentage higher on some things...

    I would like to have a look at this other site, I think I know which one it is but can you say so I am sure.


    Thanks Duckmagicuk2.

    I have been a member of Quidco for just over a year and last year I received a little over £700 cash back. Previous i was using Line My Pocket and if i was still using them i would probably only had £400 at the most. Definitely Quidco recommended to all.
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