Why us and not them (Routers)

    Why should we be left to buy replacement routers,shouldn't it be our isp responsibility to supply good quality equipment which works properly,we all seem to just accept their faulty and buy another.We dont accept other technologies not fully working.


    just tell them you're going to cancel your contract and they'll soon give you a new router

    It's called Capitalism, apparently.

    What faults does your device have?

    From experience, ISP routers are usually cheap crap, that don't offer much configuration.

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    This was just a general question,my faults are only minimal now after a new firmware update and some settings changed.But on alot of forums,people are buying replacement s and I have in the past.

    buying a new router is easier than talking to technical support or customer services. Especially with talktalk...

    My flat uses Fuel broadband, (in with rent) and original supplied router wouldn't stay on for more than an hour. When I got necessary password to replace it with an old router I had it's been pretty decent with only occasional disconnects as you'd get from any ADSL.
    They'd do a lot better if they would supply a router that was fit for purpose rather than facing hundreds of negative reviews

    That depends on your ISP, BT will replace any faulty equipment (Hubs/BTTV boxes etc) for free if you're in contract.
    Vermin Media are the same or were before I left.

    As PKRichie, however a product should be fit for use for around three years as the law states but no company cares about that and somehow no one cares. Its like cars though how long is a car expected to be functional without cost to you?

    People tend to have wifi issues, BT or anyone is not going to give you a £150 router for free. They have to go with a mass produced works ok 75% of the time product. Just because it doesn't work in your faraday cage they can't account for every situation.

    If you are not satisfied it is highly unlikely you will not be able to receive a refund from your ISP of the cost that you paid for your free router.

    Just buy a new router. I would personally never use a router that my ISP has provided (out of choice) because I know it will be poo compared to a faster and more reliable router you can buy yourself. There's things in life you don't skimp out on and that's a decent router.

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    That depends on your ISP, BT will replace any faulty equipment (Hubs/BTTV … That depends on your ISP, BT will replace any faulty equipment (Hubs/BTTV boxes etc) for free if you're in contract.Vermin Media are the same or were before I left.

    BT will replace out of contract if you whine at them long enough, I have a friend whose wife whined for 20 minutes straight, and got a HH5 to replace their HH2 last year.

    Would still have been better to by a cheap TPLink, but free is free.

    ISP routers are part of the advertising budget, so as cheap as they think they can get away with; they are worth exactly what you pay for them (nothing).

    I think people are spoilt these days, back in the days of dial up, we had to buy our own modems AND pay for the length of the call - as well as pay the internet charges.

    Even in the early VDSL days, you had to buy your own WiFi router, as the BT white box was a modem only..
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