Why we believe Americans are stupid.

    Can Americans be this stupid really?!?



    Well An idiot abroad is good evidence that we are actually stupid. Love the way he picks up the disconnected light alarm and calls it a radio in the first episode.


    spoof...I've been to the states lots of times and have never met any Americans that stupid.

    It's like saying all British are as thick as DLM

    I used to work on American based cruise ships and can safely say, we are both equally dumb... Just about different things...

    I found that most Americans i have met whilst travelling are pretty intelligent. But seeing as 90% of them don't own a passport and have no intention of seeing anything except America, are maybe the ones in these videos, because they don't care about anything outside America.


    27% of americans have a passport as of June 2008

    It is called a stereotype - just like they believe we all have rubbish food and bad teeth.

    It gets prominence because there are an awful lot of insular, ignorant Americans - but their population is so much larger than say ours - so does America have a larger proportion of thick citizens? probably not.


    It's just that they're so insular.

    27% so getting better,i'm just a bit out of date!
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