why when allen leighton recieves a 3million pound bonus does he cut our postal service

Found 10th Sep 2008
why is leighton going to stop saturday deliveries in barking to see wether its worth doing over the country what about the people that have to work and cant wait in during the week for a signed for delivery and cant get to there local office because its been closed when hes recieved 3 million pounds in bonus if as hje says he has to make these cutbacks because of competition
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because they can get away with it as business rules over peoples needs.

and this feeble Govt will let them
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i said to a post office manager why are they getting bonuses when theyre ruining the service and he said someone has to grant those bonuses adam crozier signs leightons as long as he signs adams
can you believe he got a bonus for stopping the strikes he caused
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