Why will my paypal account only let me send echeques..?

Posted 21st Mar 2009
I've had my paypal account for over 5-years now and never had a problem paying with instant payments. However I've just tried paying for something on ebay and it has sent the payment as an echeque which apparentely will take 10-days to clear. It didn't give me any other option except echeque (usually it either takes the payment from my paypal balance or direct from my linked card).

Does anyone have any idea why it will only letting me send echeques all of a sudden?!
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I have never had a problem myself, but a few people I have sold things too said exactly the same thing. I can only assume that something is not showing up when deciding which way to pay. Similar to the smilies not showing on here sometimes
Has your card expired?
Ive just paid for an item using paypal - went through as normal

So Ive no idea - but post one seems logical
normally does this if there is no card registered just a bank account
you need to register a credit / debit card
Does seem strange that the OP says they have been using it for 5 years before this happened, i would of thought after 5 years a bank card would of been set up and verified
It happened to me once. When I checked, my debit card had expired and I hadn't updated the details.

normally does this if there is no card registered just a bank account

yes I found this happened with me

Has your card expired?

Funny you should mention this. I have (or rather, had!) two cards attached to the account, both expire 2011. I just logged in to check and there was a thing at the side which says 'add a credit card'... so I added both of them again. Paid for another ebay item and it sent it as an instant payment!

I swear my card was already attached to the account and up to date... as I use paypal all the time... I got the new cards in 2008 so I am a bit miffed why they suddenly 'detached' themselves.

What narks me even more is that the item paid for by echeque unknowingly, is something I need pretty urgently... but now I'm going to have to wait for 10-days for the fr*gging thing to clear, so will have to buy another one. I asked the seller if they could refund the echeque but they said no... I don't know whether it's because they CAN'T or they won't.

Anyway thanks for pointing this out, at least I've figured out what the problem was o_0
I have this problem if I want to pay to become a member of a website instead buying goods from a website or eBay. I have sufficient funds in the account (added from a bank) but Paypal will only allow echeques. Which is a nuisance as Corbettreport.com only requires JPY100 a month so a tiny sum of money (AUD$1.20) will have to be debited from my bank account each time.

Maybe it's some sort of "security" measure, or they are just making life difficult for those without credit cards to encourage them to get one?
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