Why Women Hate Mice (JOKE ..)

    I looked in my precious Oxford Concise English Dictionary, Ninth Edition, and I found out why women would only be happy with a real man:

    mouse // n. & v.
    n. (pl. mice //)
    1 a any of various small rodents esp. of the family Muridae, usu. having a pointed snout and relatively large ears and eyes. b any of several similar small mammals, such as a shrew or vole.
    2 a timid or feeble person.
    3 (pl. also mouses) Computing a small hand-held device which controls the cursor on a VDU screen.
    4 slang a black eye.
    v.intr. /also /
    1 (esp. of a cat, owl, etc.) hunt for or catch mice.
    2 (foll. by about) search industriously; prowl about as if searching.
    mouselike adj. & adv.
    mouser n.
    [Old English mus, pl. mys, from Germanic]

    Definition number 2 is under the spotlight.

    This dictionary defines timid and feeble as follows:

    easily frightened; apprehensive, shy.

    1 weak, infirm.
    2 lacking energy, force, or effectiveness.
    3 dim, indistinct.
    4 deficient in character or intelligence.
    5. unintelligent.
    6. mentally deficient.

    from Latin flebilis lamentable, from flere weep]

    pretty decisive ..... ;-)

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    My friends think our new place has mice in it...
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