Why won't my Xbox 360 Slim connect to the internet?

    I'm trying to connect my new Xbox 360 slim to the internet.

    Didn't have any problems with my older Xbox 360 but the new one doesn't want to play ball.

    I've put the Xbox slim's MAC address into my router and I've also put the correct WEP key into the Network settings section of the Xbox but with no luck.

    When I try to run the test, it can see my wireless network but connect to it!

    Any ideas?



    Try unpluging your router for 30 seconds, that worked for me.

    i have the sme problem my xbox doesnt conect to the network. it had beeen workin perfectly before but it had recently just gone please help meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MINE TOO! PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE! IT'S DOING MY NUT IT! It's as if the built in network adaptor is broken? HELP!!

    Unplugging the xbox and plugging it back in has worked everytime this has happened on ours.

    im so sad about this it worked last night and got on it this morning and PPOOOOF no wifi couldd connect
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