Why won't tesco entertainment accept my card?

    It's a natwest solo/maestro..
    And I've got enough money in it



    well maybe admin has been spreading rumours about you too

    Possibly due to AVS checking - address verification. Make sure your address perfectly matches i.e. is the same as on your statement.

    Original Poster

    Address is perfect.. ?

    How many times have you tried, due to fraud some companies have certain fraud rules meaning it may have blcoked attempts from your card / address / IP / email address now. If someone else with the same card / address / IP / email address has used (or attempted to use) their site today, or in the last couple of days it may well have triggered one of these rules.

    At work we have loads of trouble with people using shared IP addresses (colleges, work computers etc) who have their accounts blocked due to the number of transactions coming from that IP.

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    It's never accepted my card tbh..

    Ever reported a card lost or stolen, if so your card details may be on a hot card list which Tesco's payment processor needs to update

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    Nope.. my card broke, so I had to get another one..

    that could be why, the person of your bank probably put it through as lost/stolen instead of damaged. You may need to ring Tesco and have them whitelist your card
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