Why would you market something as 'unbreakable' ?

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Found 11th Jan 2010
That's just asking for trouble !

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It would insipre me to see how unbreakable it really is..

lol @ the irony

I think at the end the reporter guy says "oh s$%t" lol

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It would insipre me to see how unbreakable it really is..

It took this reporter about 5 seconds to break it.

what a muppet. hope he took the free phone he got promised!

haha thats classic, see the dimay on his face! well at least he gets a free phone out of it,x

He was genuinely shocked he'd broken it though,classic!!

not going to be many things able to take pressure like that from a sharp object, still funny though
(hmm actually looking again.. its not even the corner used? junk!)

ceo fail

love it when things like this happen - the company need to go back to the drawing board. Idiots!

How embarassing. :?

I would sell you a bucket of unbreakable water but only the contents are included in that statement.........
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